Sunday, January 30, 2011

Say What

Yes, that's right. I have students who can read. The students in my class come to our school in the morning and public school in the afternoon so from both places they are learning how to read. We have so much more to teach them about reading, especially the ones who are having alot of trouble in it, but it is such a blessing from the Lord to see the ones who can do it on their own. This past week I asked Bienvenido, our smartest student, to read in front of the class. I thought he might be too embarrassed, but he just got right up in front and started reading. After him, Escarlet went, and then, as you can see in the pictures, Luis Fernando read the next day with the help of Bienvenido. Of course all the boys wanted to, and so they grabbed a book and their chair and sat in front reading. Really, I almost started crying. It was one of those moments where you feel like all your efforts and the time you put in amounts to something, and you aren't standing up in front teaching, meanwhile your kids are looking at the trees outside. Well...I know that does happen for some, but let's just pretend for now it doesn't :).

Welcome to Small Town Life

If you ever wondered what I do on weekend nights, well let me give you a preview. Actually before I do that, let me tell you what my usual night consists of: sitting on Gloria's porch, chatting with my neighbors, playing dominoes, and sometimes having a glass of wine with them (only if it is the weekend because Christians can drink wine on the weekends). However, lately there have been basketball games at the Multiuso, the place in my small town where there is an "inside" basketball court. Last Saturday night, I got the girls together, us all attempting to dress Dominicana cool, and convinced them that the games are really exciting...bahaha. We ate at Balin, hence the picture with Johan and Balin cooking our delish sandwiches, and then went to the game. My hermanitos de Pancho Mateo were playing so that was fun for me to watch (the boys I play basketball with every Tuesday). Sadly, yes, that was it, my night O' fun, and it really was fun. I have learned to enjoy some of the small things in life living here. Enjoy some of the ridiculous pics.

Dido, my love.

I wrote a blog about Dido once. How great she is and how much Robin and I love going to visit her in Chichigua. It was Dido's birthday this past Wednesday so I made a funfetti cake for her and took it to Chichigua after school. She shared it with the whole village, no joke. She kept passing it out to others and only got a small piece for herself. That is something I have learned here: selflessness. Haitians and Dominicans love to share. Something us Americans are not very good at sometimes. Anyways, it was fun to be with her on her special day and take pictures of her while she asked me not to, like always. Our photo shoot, as seen below, goes a little something like this...Dido take a picture with me, no, yes, Dido look at the camera and smile, ok, picture taken, did you smile Dido (me making weird face).Sorry Lubi, Roni is no longer a child :)Me, looking a tad dorky in the princesa birthday hat, inviting people in.
On an even better note, Dido and her family became Christians during the Christmas holidays along with many other Chichiguans. Praise the Lord for His amazing grace!

Monday, January 24, 2011


Dominicans love their sugar...A good healthy cup of coffee :) not worry, I did not drink this.