Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dessert Partay

Last Friday night we had the neighbors over once again for a Dessert Party. Robin wanted to have everyone over before she leaves so she told each of the neighbors to come and bring something sweet or snacky for everyone to enjoy. Robin made cookies and banana bread, and I added to the mix with no-bake cookies and a fruit salad.

Love me some Gloria.

Roomies/Hosts...well moreso Robin was the amazing host, and Ashley was the entertainer with Jose Angel (see below).

Merlin (Johan's brother) brought over these cookies/biscuits called Nice cookies, sprinkled with coconut and sugar...ew. Apparently they were a hit because at the end the bowl was empty.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lovin' the rain

Well I love the rain, sometimes. Dominicans hate the rain. They think if you get wet from the rain, you will get sick. My neighbor Gloria gets sassy with me every time saying, "Do not get wet! You will get the gripe!" I just pretend to give her a rainy hug, she laughs, and then watches us play in the rain. Tuesday I went with Johan and his cousin to play basketball in Pancho. About two minutes in, the rain came so I ran Marta home in a mini trash bag, and we rode back home on Johan's moto. At that point we were soaked, so we figured heck why not play? And then Dominican Rain Photo Shoot 2010 happened...

This last one is my favorite pic. Everyone was suppose to be doing what me and Johan were doing, aka the Daddy Yankee pose. Good thing everyone followed our lead...especially Ada and Merlin.

Face Painting

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Makarios Blog

I will be writing blogs here and there on the Mak blog so instead of rewriting on mine, I'll just add the link to click on :)