Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Welcome to Miami

So overall Thursday to Monday in Miami was great! When I described it in three words to Anne, I said relaxing, humorous, and luxurious...moreso humorous. I realized men never change, like, never, not exaggerating, for real :) they stay boys forever, especially those whom have not grown past their sports career and are still clinging on to it. A great example would be the uncle in Napoleon Dynamite, oh so funny. So instead of blabbing about my blessing of a break with my roomie Ashley and my dad, here are some fun facts from my time in Miami:

-Ashley and I were picked up at the Miami airport by the Miami Dolphins minivan. Sweet mom car.
-We stayed at the Doral Resort, part of the PGA tour.
-I ate real food, had air conditioning, a real bed, television, and drinkable water...oh the high life.
-I had a convo with Dan Marino about my dad and took two pictures with him...Ashley deleted the first :) thanks Ash.
-I got to go to Target and Anthropologie! yay.
-I met the winner from last season's American Idol Kris Allen and took a pic with him.
-Kim Kardashian, JLo, and Marc Anthony walked past me at the Dolphin's game while Ashley and I were chillin in the VIP lounge.
-I ate a slice of sushi...sick.
-Our suite was as long as the end zone, woohoo.
-I ate some of the best black bean hummus I have ever had.
-I heard some pretty funny stories about my dad, of course all inaproppriate/gross boy stuff.

And that's about all I can think of at the moment. I just got back yesterday, and while at the store today, the security guard and his friend started chatting with me. He was nice, thought I was 14 (awesome). If you know how Dominican men who randomly start talking to you work, you know they ask random questions, and then the one eventually comes..."Do you have a boyfriend? My friend really wants to marry a girl like you"...romantic. The creepy part is they thought I was 14, but when I said I am 24, they were okay with the fact that I looked 14. Not even one day back, and I already got a marriage proposal. Gotta love this country!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Love that Dominican Music

If you want to listen to a few quality Dominican songs, here you go...




As you probably have already guessed, I was being sarcastic (surprise surprise). These songs are popular here so that just goes to show you how awesome the music is here...sorry more sarcasm. I thought I'd let you endure what I hear daily before I told you I was joking :). Cars drive down our street with these huge speakers in the back that blare these songs louder than the human ear should hear. Hope you liked them haha.

Going to Miami tomorrow till Monday with Ashley to meet my dad for a Miami dolphins reunion. Real food, real bed, television, drinkable water...I will blog about my trip next week.