Saturday, February 12, 2011

I love winning bets...

If you love how ridiculous I can be sometimes, you must read this blog by my roommate and friend, Kristen. It describes the whole event perfectly except for what the bet was actually about. I will add that part here, and then you can read her blog and see the pictures.

I was sitting in Joel and Johan's house talking about the NBA with Joel and Cakito (surprise surprise, I would spend my afternoon doing that). We somehow got on the topic of Jason Kidd, who plays for the Mavericks. I started to say how he played for the Mavs when I was little before he went to the New Jersey Nets and then came back to Dallas. They told me I was wrong. Big mistake. We argued back and forth for 10 minutes and then decided to make a bet. I told them I went to the games and had his jersey, but they still would not believe me. They said we would have to swim in the river, like Kristen says, or they would have to endure water balloons. Now this is not just any river. It is filled with all kinds of nastiness, just use your imagination. Ew.
Anyways, a few minutes later Kristen and Johan showed up and decided to join the bet, Kristen trusting me and Johan with the boys. Now you can click on Kristen's link...please do. It's great.

Kristen's blog