Sunday, April 26, 2009

Funny Stuff

All the pics in this blog are from hanging out in Chigs on Friday with Lubi (Robin).

So I don't have much to say about this last week, but I will leave a few tidbits for you...

i have at least 22 bites on one arm from mosquitoes...not counting the rest of my body. Those lil suckers are everywhere.
My cobrador (the man who opens the door to the gua gua and takes your money) this morning had a groomed unibrow. It was almost as if he penciled in the middle part because he thought the uni looked good.
Katy and I ate lunch with Wilson today, who works at the airport, and he gave us the lowdown on DR airport security. Several times workers have tested the security, and here are two of the stories he told...A girl filled out one of those lovely sheets we all love about her information at the airport, and she gave a guy's name on the name line and said her destination was "the batman cave"...she got through. Second story. A man went through the metal detector with a gun in one pocket and a cell phone in the other pocket. The detector went off, and he pulled out his phone and said that was why it went off. They said okay and let him go. Awesome. All that to say, come visit me :) haha.
So I couldn't be any more immature than I already am, well maybe. Saturday night at church this girl got on stage to do a choreographed dance. Now, it is not like I was expecting this awesome performance, and let me add that I was kinda hyper that night with Katy. Throughout the whole dance, I had to do one of three things: bite my straw (I had some juice from Luis' colmado), bite my lip, or think of something sad. I knew if Katy, Robin, Cara, or Ashley even dared to look at me, I would lose it. I survived not offending the church, well until Katy turned to me and said, "We will be dancing like that tonight at home." I lost it. Silent laugh of course. And yes, we did go home and do some of those awesome dance moves.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Stand by Me.Ben E. King

I once complained about the rain...big mistake. Did you say steak? (That one is for you Kelly) The hot hot hot weather has finally begun. We are sweating constantly, which in a way makes me feel better because I am not the only one now. haha, gross. Walking up the hill one day, Katy and I were talking about the constant sweat, and then we immediately both started day dreaming of snow cones and how wonderful it would be to have one. If you have seen the snow cones in the DR, which I am assuming you have not, you would know not to even think about going there. Recipe for a some kind of parasite, having no idea where the ice or the sketch sugar juices come from. And since I have experienced the sicky part of living here, I would rather not test my limits. Despite the hot weather and the sweatiness it brings, this week has been my best week in the DR when it comes to looks. I do not mean this in a prideful way, moreso humorous. I have gotten the most hisses, "you are beautiful"s from random muchachos on the street, and a sweet serenade from a cobrador. The best was Friday when I was waiting for Katy in the colmado. This lady came up to me and asked if I spoke Spanish and asked if I was Canadian. After Katy told her no, she said, "tu eres gordita." Katy then responded with a confused look as did I and said, "Tu eres gordita??" For those of you who do not know, gordo means fat...just lovely. Thankfully, Robin and Rachel told me later that it did not mean anything in a bad way. It meant curvy in a good way. Gordissimo is fat in a bad way. I love this country. So Katy and I came home to a puppy on Monday at the house. His name is Miles, and he is half terrier and half lab. He is a cutie, but the picture above is what we came home to. At times I think I start to grow attached to him when I walk outside, and he yawns and comes up to me all lazy and calm. I pet him for awhile and then go back inside feeling bad about not spending more time with him. Then there are the times I walk outside, and he is jumping high up in the air and scratching my legs while attempting to bite my hand (out of playfulness of course). Like Katy says everyday, "He's just being Miley." haha love it. Though we do love him, Miles is leaving soon because our landlord says he cannot be here. I guess you could call it a failed attempt at replacing or covering up our true love for E-Shadow, one of the school dogs who apparently has now "got the mange" according to Katy.

This week since Cristina was on a mission trip, Cara had to teach in my class so she could not have her usual class time. Instead we did recess with the both classes for about thirty minutes. Naturally, the little kid in me was all about it. The first day I sat under the gazebo with the girls and let them braid my hair. Instead I ended up with a side pony, compliments of Neifi and Escarlet. As this was happening, I noticed a trend in our kids pretending like they were pregs. Wilson and Luis Fernando both came up to me with a ball in their shirt at two different times pretending to be preggers. Then at the end of recess I looked over and saw the funniest sight. Wildania was laying in the grass with a ball in her shirt. Marta and Yery were acting like doctors helping her give birth while Raidi was standing by her super confused as to what was going on. Anyways, it made me wonder how many of these kids have actually seen a pregnancy go on in their villages. Awesome. Pics are below for your amusement...

Sweet victory...Katy and I went to Pancho Mateo Thursday because I told Sili I would come to play basketball again with him. Ernesto and Felipe came to the school on the Chig guagua so I brought them along with us. Marta and Manuela walked with us, and it was too cute because Marta held the bottom of my shirt the whole way there while we had some intense convos :) (Note the pic below) When we got there, we decided to match up me and Ernesto against Sili and Felipe. Knowing that Chichigua does not have a basketball hoop, I was not surprised when Felipe gave up after one shot, and Ernesto double dribbled his way through the game after a kid named Alfredo took Felipe's spot. Alfredo was a skinny short lil dude, and when Sili asked him to play, I turned to Sili and asked, "Is he good?" and he just goes, "I don't know." Little did I know that Sili was playing it cool until Alfredo schooled me to the hoop. Silly, silly Sili. Ernesto and I eventually beat them despite Ernesto's double dribbles/traveling. I then proceeded to play Sili and won...ok I know I sound awful since he is younger, but I let him win the week before, and he bragged about it all week. He came to school this Friday saying, "Mucha suerte", which obviously means I have to win again this next week to show him what's up. So as you all know, or I guess I should say should know, the Mavs and Spurs are now playing in the playoffs. We do not have a tv at the house, and I have never wished for one, well! If you have ever seen me in the past years watch the Mavs in the playoffs, you know how crazy (possibly a bit of yelling at the tv) I get during these games and how much they mean to me. Yes I know a lil dramatic, but really I love my basketball. I decided I would watch the first game online. Well, that was unsuccessful since Espn will not let me watch it from the DR so I try to listen, which was just as unsuccessful as the first idea; therefore, I am watching the animated play-by-play. Awwwwesome :(. To add to the effect, Katy and I decided to jam to some jock jams while I was watching. Yes I do have Jock jams on my ipod, thanks to Brookis. Go Mavs!...sorry Timothy. One down, three more to go. Side note: Baby G could possibly be born in time while the mavs are still in the playoffs...get out those Mavs converse I gave him Brooke and Jim :). They better not be in the trash!
Sorry for the longest blog eva...I am a I have not blogged in oh say hmm about a month so I thought I would make it doubly long :) love you guys!