Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mis Amigos

This past Friday I woke up and was ready to accomplish everything I needed to in getting settled in my apartment...changing rooms to Ashley's old room. I knew a full day of putting myself to the task would be enough. Lil did I know my neighbors Merlin (Johan's brother) and Ada were going to call my name and ask me to hang out every 2 seconds. I would hear my name being called by them, then walk across the street to Ada's house, and they would start talking about something random. I would politely laugh and walk back to my apartment. Then a knock on my door and them asking, "What are you eating for lunch? Do you want rice, beans, and chicken? We will take the chicken off the bone." "Ok, si, yo puedo comer con ustedes." We eat lunch, and then they ask me to play dominoes. I play dominoes, beat them pretty bad, and get away quickly so I can finish my new room. Hour later. Merlin yells my name and asks me to come to the beach down the road with them. "No Merlin I can't come." "Yes you have to." "No I can't." "We are really mad at you." "Ok fine I will come." I went to the beach, and it was actually really fun. No one was there but us, and we just chilled in the water for an hour and went home.
Now here is where I get to the point...
Ada: Kendall, did you know I talked to Robin before she left?
Me: Yes Ada.
Ada: She said we have to take care of you.
Merlin: Yes, we have to take care of you.
I laughed to myself and realized why the day had gone the way it had. That is one of the mannny reasons why I love my neighbors :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Room

Finalmente I have an actual room...but if Ashley randomly decided to come back, and I would have to go back to my other room, I would switch in a sec :). But things always change, and we have to go through new transitions. All that to say, moving in here was definitely a bittersweet moment. Of course I kept random touches of Ashley like her flower mirror, fake flowers, the color of the room, and her curtains. The most exciting part about it all is that I have a closet, woohoo! I hate clutter, hate it. It makes me feel stressed so to be able to put all my junk into an actual closet is a good feeling. Here are some pics of the new room:
Fresh 2010 Port A trip pics, my lil babes, and my favorite calendar from Kelly :)
Reppin the Miami Dolphin's jersey along with a few cards from friends.
Best for Last...closet!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First full day back

First full day back, and I took a spin on one of these with a friend...

The Ninja

yes, I was nervous. The person in the front has to lean forward to drive, and the second person (me) has to hold on to the front of the motorcycle and lean forward also. And trust me, you HAVE to hold on. Those things go super fast.

Picture 2

Scared at first, yes. Lovvvved it in the end, yes!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Yes, I do live here.

To show you how ridiculous this country I live in is, I am going to share a lil story with you...

Last night I was outside talking to my friend Benjamin in front of our neighbor's house. Occasionally at night, there is a bat that flies back and forth between my apartment and their house. As I was talking to him, the bat flew right behind his back, and I freaked out, naturally. But that isn't even the best part. Benjamin then proceeded to tell me that bats can smoke. I was thoroughly confused, thinking maybe he is trying to tell me a joke in English or maybe I am missing something. I said, "Bats? Like the animal?" "Yes, the animal. They can smoke cigarettes." I then begin to call him a liar, but then Gloria came up and said he was telling the truth, then Tanya, then Johan today. Benjamin wanted to make it more interesting so he said if he was lying, he would make me one of his popular shakes, and if I was wrong, then I would have to make him brownies from scratch. At the end of the night last night, I called them all liars, said they were crazy, and went to bed knowing there is no way bats can smoke cigarettes. Dominicanos son locos.

When I told Johan at school today what happened with his brother, he told me Benjamin was right. He said people here capture the bats (super smart huh...), put the cigarette in the mouth of the bat, and it smokes it. Apparently someone did it here in Montellano. Because Johan is my brother, I decided to argue with him more about it and tell him he was lying (all out of fun of course).

Benjamin came over tonight asking for his brownies, and I said he had no proof...

Dang it.

Benjamin is now eating some peanut butter chocolate brownies.