Monday, June 28, 2010

Dinner Partay Dos

Since we made food for our neighbors, they decided to cook for us also. Each family made something different. We had salad, chicken, moro (a mixture of rice and beans), cheese potatoes, and a few other food items. Please notice Gloria in the picture above by me. She. is. awesome.

p.s. I stole these pictures from Ashley's camera :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dinner Partay!

Robin and I threw a dinner party this week for our neighbors. Gloria is an older woman that lives across the street from us with her two sons Ada and Ambiorix. Edwin, her other son, and Tanya, her niece, sit on the porch daily with them and chat so we like to walk over and chat with them. This is a part of my time here I will never forget. They are nothing but kind to us and make us feel like family, not to mention they are all hilarious and interesting in their own individual ways. Robin and I had talked about "Tex-Mex" a few times so we decided to make tacos for them. We also invited Mami and our Pastors' families to join. About sixteen to twenty people showed up to this partay (picture above, minus Ada and our pastors); in short, it was a success!

Tacos, queso, and may not be able to drink in public, pero en la casa de nosotros, todos bebieron una margarita :).
Look at that bump'n soundsystem. You can't get more legit than that. And naturally at a Dominican dinner party, you have to play Aventura.
Instead of taking one picture on timer, the camera was set for about eight. We did not realize this until the camera did not stop after the first. Awesome.
They invited us this coming week for a Dominican meal where each of them would cook something different. I am excited, and at the same time a lil worried of what might show up. Probably a mezcla of rice, beans, salami, dumplings, chicken, pig, spaghetti, y mas!
...Like my spanglish? :).


The animals, creatures, whatever you want to call them that you can find in this country are ridiculous. I learn new things everyday, like in my previous blogs when I wrote about the roaches that are on steroids. In addition:

Roaches can actually poop. Nasty black tar. I smooshed one, barely, and look.

And then there are butterflies the size of bats. Robin and I got to work early, and she spotted this bat/bird/butterfly in the nurse's area. When she tried to touch it, and it started flying around, we ran around screaming. Pitiful.
And now you know I have no life because I just wrote a blog about this :).

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I miss them...

Here are some pictures from graduation day. I took individual pictures and then some group ones while they were practicing their song to perform for the parents. Instead of smiling like normal kids, Johan had them do typical Dominican tigre poses.I love it that some of my kids know how to dress better than I do.

Well, maybe for the exception of Wildania. Gotta love her :)
I had to get a picture with my two loves: Memo and Ambiorix.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Love me some Dido

Once a week, I try to go to the village of Chichigua with Robin and hang out, mostly because we want to see Dido. Dido is one of our moms. She has a daughter Rachel who goes to our school and then other kids we know and love. The best word to describe her is "cool." When I go to Chigs, she paints my nails and toenails and plays pool with me (yes, they do randomly have a pool table in the village). She is super laid back and dresses more in style than I do...all that to say, I love Dido lots.
These pictures are from when she came from her village to watch Rachel graduate. Excuse the sweat. We had no power in a tin roof room. Blazing.
Like I said...way cooler than me. Staights, matching shirt and headband, gold hoops, awesome hair, and cool tenni's vs. my makarios work shirt, sweaty braid, and chacos (bleh).
We like being silly together.