Saturday, June 25, 2011


I know I have talked about Joel before in other blogs (he is in the picture with the Dirk jersey), but I felt as though he needed his own solo blog this time. Joel is my little brother who lives in Pancho Mateo. He is fourteen and lives with his grandma and brothers Jhoan and Jovanny who I am also friends with. I really love this kid and wish I could take him home with me in my suitcase, but alas I will have to leave him when I go in August.
This past Monday night I was at my apartment, and he came by with Cakito. He loves talking to me and making fun of me so when Cakito went upstairs to hang out with some of our friends, Joel stayed to hang out with me. We had the music video channel on in our living room so I started doing silly dance moves while he laughed at me and told me I could not dance. He started showing me all his moves like normal, and like normal I was impressed. This kid can dance. If my internet was not so slow, I would post videos, but you will have to settle for pictures...they do not do enough justice trust me.

ps. You can also see the pictures here where they will be bigger:

A Tad Late

The two pictures with my girlfriends was me showing off all my Mavs gear (crap). They wanted to put it all on and pretend to be Mavs fans. Of course I soaked that up because no one here likes the Mavs except for one guy that I know in Pancho Mateo. The other two pictures are me with two of my friends (Cakito and Jhoan) after the Mavs won. What I would've done to be in Dallas...but I wasn't, so I ran around town in my Dirk jersey like a crazy person. I am pretty sure everyone thought I was drunk. Oops. Felicidades Los Mavs! Por fin!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Let's Go Mavs!

Like a true Mavs fan, I have been watching every game since the beginning of the playoffs either in my apartment or at my friend Cara's house. Whenever I watch it at my apartment, I tell my basketball brothers that they are welcome to come to my house and watch it with me. A few games back, three of them (Jhoan, Jovanny, and Joel) came over. Joel loves Lebron so he was cheering for Miami, but the rest of us were cheering for Dallas. Jhoan and Jovanny were only cheering for Dallas because they love Kobe Bryant therefore they hate Lebron.

Kristen took some celebration pictures at the end of the game by clicking on the button multiple times in a row really fast, which lead to the pictures shown in the slideshow. Watch Jhoan who is the striped shirt. Pretty funny.

Graduation Day

For graduation day, our kids had to make up some kind of presentation for the parents. Most of the time the classes sing a song, say a verse, or do a drama, but this time we had our kids do something a little bit different. Johan and I are very proud to say that our kids can read and write. They still need alot of help in the coming year, but we are happy to know they can do the basics. We decided to have each student make a card for their parents telling their parents how grateful they were of them. At presentation time, they came up one by one with their parents and read the card in the microphone that was set up. It was adorable! Most of the kids were laughing, and Memo (of course) started to cry when he was reading his card to his mom. He is such a mama's boy :). Here are some pictures throughout graduation day:

Dia de Agua

The last week of school Johan and I did a water day with our first graders. We filled up some water balloons and used some of the buckets in the school to fill up with water. The PreK students had been doing this same idea during the morning so we decided to wait until after lunch until they went back to their rooms. Smart idea, right? NO. The little ones left a huge mud pit for our students which lead to total chaos. My kids were running around like crazy splashing in the mud and throwing it on us. Of course I had fun, and of course I could not stop laughing. I mean how many teachers get to have fun like that with their students. Kristen took some pictures for us and got some great shots of a few kids crying. If you want to see the pictures bigger, you can click on the slideshow.