Sunday, March 6, 2011

Playa Caleton

Last Sunday was Independence Day for the Dominican Republic so we did not have school on Monday. I heard Johan (my work friend) and the Pancho boys say how they all wanted to go to the beach together so I thought why not on our day off. We took off to a not so public beach called Playa Caleton that I went to last year and loved. It is one of the more beautiful beach spots I have seen since I have lived in this country plus I love how there are not alot of people . Also there are not as many waves so you can go float in the water and relax. We had a great time! The boys loved hanging out with Johan and just getting to be themselves out of the Pancho Mateo/Montellano scene they are in everyday. For me, it was another fun opportunity to be in my Dominican community and show mis hermanitos that they are loved. We swam, played dominoes, ate lunch together, did flips off a tree branch (obviously not me haha), and talked about life. I cannot thank God enough for blessing me with such an amazing Dominican family. These boys, my neighbors, my work friends, Chichigua, and more have affected my life in numerous ways since I have lived here, and I am very thankful for what God has shown me through that.
Joel. 13 years old. One of my favorite people in this country.
Johan (neighbor/work friend) and Joel.
Jhoan from Pancho.
Me, swimming to Kiko and Cakito on the rafts. I have learned I cannot swim like I could when I was little. Out.of.shape.
Brothers. Johvanny, Jhoan, and Joel.

The Play

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