Monday, July 18, 2011


Marileidi is one of our students at Makarios, and her brother Miguel Angel was one of my students this past school year (one of my favs!). Their family is well loved by the Makarios school because they have been there since the beginning of the first built school building, but also because their Mom Katherin is one of the sweetest people I have met in this country.

Marileidi graduated a few weeks ago from Kindergarten at the public school (she goes there in the afternoon), and Katherin asked if we would come and take pictures of her in her dress with her escort Yery (who also goes to our school). There are some pretty cute ones of her! Photo shoot de Leidi:


Yes, I have a Dominican mom named Gloria, and she's cra cra, but I love her despite that. When I lived in my old apartment, her house was right across the street. I would walk over there every night to say hi and sit to talk with her. Since I have been living down the street, she asks me at least every other day where I have been and why I did not tell her where I was going...aka you need to get permission from me to go anywhere, and I especially need to see who you are going with. The funniest times in our relationship is when I have to refuse the proposal of her wanting me to marry her son...Oh Gloria.

Because we are leaving her, she has been asking us to come over so she can cook. She loves it when we come eat with her and talk for a couple of hours. She could talk for days. The things you find out about her life are more and more interesting every time I sit down with her. Love me some Gloria :)

Beach Trips

Throughout the summer we have gone on several beach trips with the students. These are my last times with the kids so they are very special to me. Crazy to think I am leaving my babies behind in a little over two weeks! I am going to miss them terribly.