Monday, December 13, 2010

Mis Hermanitos

I have always said I wanted a brother, to take care of, play with, pick on, all of the above. Well I came to the Dominican Republic, and the Lord blessed me with maybe too many, but I love it. Johan, Benjamin, and Merlin are a few to name, and then there are about six in Pancho Mateo that I play basketball with every Tuesday...Cakito, Johan (different than my neighbor), Joel, Johvanny, Kiko, Jose, y mas! They are the ones who gave me the jersey for my birthday and said I am a part of their team. I took these boys (minus Johan and Jose) to Cabarete. There is a court there, and I have been promising the boys I would go with them and play basketball on a Saturday. Leave it to me to ask them the last Saturday I am here before the Christmas break :). Little did I know that I was about to partake in one of the more intense two games I have played in on this island, ref, five on five full court basketball...I'm still sore with multiple bruises and a cut on my hand haha. After the games, we went and ate pizza on the beach and hung out. I felt like more of a mom really than a sister, "Wash your hands. I brought games for us to play. Here are some brownies for you boys." Mom or sister, I had alot of fun with them and was happy to give them that time together at the beach. I hope to be an example of Christ's love for them. I pray that before I leave this island, whenever that does happen someday, they will ask me about Him. I pray everyday that Cakito will share Christ with them when the opportunity arises. We go all the way to the beach to play more dominoes...pathetic.They lovvvvve brownies.
I sometimes go to their basketball games to cheer them on and take mom :) On the left is Johvanny, Johan, and Joel on the right (all brothers) and then Cakito.

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