Sunday, August 21, 2011

Parque de Agua

Before I left, I knew I wanted to take Yulena somewhere. Anne Marie, Lara, and I went to a place in Sosua that was called Ocean Village. It has a waterpark, but also has several normal pools (about four). It is along the beach and is wonderful! Lara and I immediately decided that we would take a couple of kids there so of course I chose Yulena.

I do not think I have said much about her in my past blogs, but I grew to love this child like she was my own and even at some points like she was a friend. She is one of the most mature eight year old girls I know, always saying please, thank you, excuse me, and so on. She would visit my house and play while I would do other things, and when she was done, she would say thank you and put everything back to where it was suppose to go. Not normal! Yulena was a new student at Makarios this year in my first grade class, and I thank God for that. Kristen at the beginning of the year asked if Yulena could join my class, and I was very hesitant. I finally said okay, and now I look back and know that Yulena was one of the biggest blessings in my life in the DR. When I left for a week in January when my grandma passed away, Yulena offered to pray for me. An eight year old! My last full day in the DR, Yulena was with me. She walked around town with me, talking to me, quiet at times because she was sad, and laughed with me. I could go on, but you obviously see how much I love this child. I pray that she will stay the child of God that she is (she is a Christian), wise beyond any other kid her age, and will grow up to be a beautiful woman of God.

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