Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mi Despedida de Chichigua

My last times in the DR.

It began in the village of Chichigua, where my loves Dido, Memo, and my students live. It was my last Monday, and I spent most of it with them and later that day in the church in my town for their ESL graduation. I walked around Chigs saying bye to everyone, to my students' families, but mostly I sat in Dido's house with her. My students came by to hang out with me, and I gave them a picture of me and Johan with each one of them. I made brownies and brought coke to have a little going away party. Dido lovvvves her brownies. You can see this in the picture of her scraping the glass pan.

I did not get emotional when I left Chichigua for some reason. At this point, I still had not cried about leaving. Honestly, I felt like something was wrong with me since I usually cry about everything haha. I think at this point it was because I knew I would see Dido and Memo at the ESL service at my church. I knew my final goodbye would be there. I went to the service and was happy to sit and hold Ryner, Dido's baby, and sing worship songs alongside of Dido. Eventually Memo came and sat in my lap. Love that boy. One of the final things to do was listen to the ESL class sing "God of this City" by Chris Tomlin. They learned it during the summer so they could sing it at their graduation. I sat close by to take pictures, and then it happened. I looked over at Memo singing about his God that he trusted in this year, and I lost it. Tears pouring. After this, I watched them get into their guagua to go back to Chichigua, and I could not stop crying. I will never forget Dido and how well she loved me every time I came to visit her. Dido became a Christian this year also, and I am more than grateful for that. I pray that even though she is poor, living in rough conditions, that she will never take her eyes away from Christ. That He will always be sufficient for her.

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